Workshops and Retreats

Multi-Family Workshop

Workshop Description
These family workshops are 3 days and have six to eight families participating in each. The weekend will include groups meetings, great food, and some family time. The workshops are based around several group meetings a day where we will get to know each other and begin talking out what is happening with your family. Over the few days you will start to create new support and understanding, while also participating and learning with other families. These meetings are why you are coming, and they can change your life and that of your family, and will improve the way you relate and respond to each other. Respect, understanding, and responsibility for everyone is the desired outcome.

An Alternative to Residential Treatment
If you’ve tried psychotherapy, medications, alternative remedies, punishment and threatening, and things have not improved with your children, family or marriage; call today. These workshops and year round support groups have proven to be hugely successful in keeping families together and helping kids and parents work through the hard times. The costs of residential treatment are greater than just monetary, and many parents want other options. For more information call 800-322-1100.

Families are asked to participate in 2 or 3 workshop weekends during the first 3 months. This gives everyone time to really know each other, and puts your family together outside your house and directed toward understanding and changing what is not going well. We also know what you learn once rarely sticks forever, and each time you come back we will have more information and experiences to help move you toward a happier family life. Along with these workshops we have weekly support group conference calls. You are assigned a group that will fit your situation best. These support groups are facilitated by one of our staff, and will be a great support and comfort. It is a place to regularly talk about what is going well and not, and get help with the things you are having trouble sustaining.

If things don’t improve satisfactorily, there are no better people in the world to support you, and guide you to the right next step.

Here is a link to “It’s All About Us” monthly workshops in Las Vegas, Nevada and sarasota, Florida .

For more information call 800-322-1100.